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67 women graduated after six months of life skill training in Awerial County Lakes state

67 women graduated after six months of life skill training in Awerial County Lakes state
Commissioner of Awerial County Philip Mawut Centre with both hands on the tailor machine as he preside over the handover of start up kits to women in Mingkaman Credit Mingkaman FM journalist Anyar Kuol

At least 67 women completed a six-month life training in tailoring and fashion dress design. They were each given small set-up kits to start their own business and use their acquired knowledge.

Among the group, ten women also got gifts for their outstanding performance of good conduct, management, and leadership skills.

Official says the ten women demonstrate a good understanding of management skills, leadership, and group or individual business management.
They were each handed one sealed brown envelope gift distributed to them during the event in Mingkaman last Friday. However, its content was not revealed to the public.

Ms. Aman Abolich Nyok is a women leader representing IDPs living in Mingkaman. She encourages women to use their skills and talents to attract more clients.

She said that with Christmas approaching, there will be demand for clothes and high competition with those who have already established their business in the market.

“I am reminding you to market your skills during Christmas so that you start earning for your families; although there are many people already doing this business in the market, you can also compete,” said Abolich.


Ayiec Long, one of the men, said his wife is among the group and has come to cherish her during the ceremony. He appreciated the agency for empowering women, including his wife.
“I came here to celebrate with her, and I didn’t know I would have this opportunity to talk,” said Long.

Long told the crowd that he would support his wife in investing in her skill and call on other colleagues to do the same. He says allowing women to attend such training is beneficial for them to be economically independent.

Ustaz Deng Kuol is the Camp Coordinator in Mingkaman. He appreciates the agency Finn Church Aid for empowering women with life skills that will enable them to fight economic crises at their families’ level.

“We are in economic hardship, and the skill given to our women here is one of the crucial ones that I believe will help them to compete in the market and provide for their families,” said Deng.

Hillary Andruga Jacob is the team leader working for Finn Church Aid in Mingkaman. He says his organization will continue to support women through life-skill training in the coming year.

He says empowering the person is the best gift they can give people at the moment. “It has been part of our organization’s support to the community since 2017. We take 20 from each department each year and will continue supporting our community through life”, said Andruga.


The commissioner of Awerial County, Hon. Philip Mawut Garang thanks Finn Church for supporting women and appeal to the agency to extend support to women in the villages.

He said this kind of support to women is encouraging; the county government will stand with the agency whenever they need their help. says Mawut.

He said the service is crucial, and they should try to extend this to women living in villages that are not close to towns like Mingkaman.