6 killed, 4000 cattle raided in Tonj North

At least six people have been confirmed dead, eight others injured and 4000 cattle  raided on Saturday in Alabek Payam in Tonj North County, Warrap state.

According to police, the attackers alleged to be from Mayom County in Unity state carried out an attack in Agek grassland where the pastoralists took their cattle for grazing.

Sergeant James Monydhar, a police director of criminal investigation department (CID) in Tonj North County said the 6 people herders killed include members of the community who came out to defend the cattle.

“On Saturday, the suspected gunmen raided cattle at Agek grass land in Alabek Paym at around 12PM. Just after the herders arrived with their cattle in the grass land where the raiders were hiding, the attackers opened fire at them. People came out from village and they fought until the raiders  killed six people and injured eight people, and they ran away with huge number of 4000 head of cattle” Moydhar said.

Mayom County authorities in Unity state where the attackers are believed to have come from, said they are aware of the attack and have sent the forces to confront the raiders on their way back to Mayom county.

Peter Bitong Menylim, Executive director of Mayom County said they are yet to get report from the forces sent to confront the attackers.

“ We have information about cattle raid that happened in Tonj North County. We dispatched forces yesterday to area called Madier where the suspected raiders may come there with cattle. The forces up to now did not give us the update because the place they went to have no network for communication,” Bitong stated.

The victims of the cattle raid includes, Malang Maloth Kuol, Akoon Akoon Dong, Chok Gum Chok, Wol Ngor Wol, Tong Alien Majok and Malek Mabuoc Muorwel.

The survivors who are now nursing gunshot in Tonj North health facility in Warrap town are: Chan Maruop Malei, Kuol Mawien, Chol Adup Kueth, Akol Mabior Deng, Manyuon Mading Akol, Mawien Makuei Gou, Akoon Ariik Akoon, andnMaker Ling.