56 people killed, 17 injured in Pibor clashes

Authorities in Pibor Administrative Area said at least 56 people have been killed and 17 others injured from both sides in Gumuruk in the ongoing fighting between armed youth from Jonglei state and Pibor Administrative Area.

Abraham Kelang Jiji, Pibor Administrative Area Minister of information said there was once again an attacked this morning by the armed youth from jonglei state.

“The attack started yesterday morning in Gumuruk, they fought and they (Pibor Youth) dispatched back the attackers (Jonglei youth). This morning again, they attacked and the fighting is still continuing now.” Kelang told The Radio Community

According to the minister, there are five causalities from Pibor Administrative Area and fifty one casualties from the attackers, the youth from Jonglei state.

Jonglei state minister of  information, John Samuel Manyuon said they are aware of the ongoing conflict between the youth from his state and the neighboring administrative area but said the state is yet to issue the statement regarding the situation.

“Those are criminals from Jonglei state. There is already a press release that we are issuing shortly.” Samuel said

The clashes between the two areas started on 26th of Christmas eve – Days after the united nation mission in South Sudan issued a statement warning of mass attacked in the area following an earlier report of mass mobilization by youth in the greater Jonglei.

The story will be updated accordingly as the details continue to develop from the ongoing fighting…