53 Teachers trains on inclusive education in Lakes state

More than 50 teachers attend three days training on the importance of inclusive education at Pan-Nhial primary school in Mingkaman Awerial County.

The training is the first of its kind to help teachers treat pupils equally in the classroom and around the school environment. The 53 teachers were drawn from various schools in Awerial county.

William Akech is the facilitator and works for Windle Trust as the human resource manager. He said they want teachers to make education inclusive and attractive to all learners.

He urges teachers to take the lead in building the future of young children and allow all pupils in the classrooms without segregations on gender and disability.

Akech said teachers have a role in protecting children from harm during school hours and educating them on the importance of education for a better future.

Mr. Babu Emmanuel is the Director of inclusive education in the national ministry of general education and instruction. He said providing training to teachers is to disseminate the message and promote girl child education.

Emmanuel appealed to the teachers to pass the information on inclusive education for all children and encourage parents to send their children to schools.

He stated that some families confine the disabled child in the house and want to stop that and allow all children to learn.

He also calls for cooperation among stakeholders to equally fight and eradicate child marriage in education.
He stated that all children have the right to go to school, including those with special needs.