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50-year-old Warrap female motorbike rider impresses governor Aleu

50-year-old Warrap female motorbike rider impresses governor Aleu
Awien Agany Wek shakes hand with Governor Aleu Ayieny on Gogrial-Mayom Tottin road in Warrap state on August 30,2022. Credit//Office of the Governor - Warrap state

A 50-year-old woman believed to be the only female motorcycle rider in Warrap has received a token of appreciation from the state governor, Aleu Ayieny Aleu.

Awien Agany Wek who owns a restaurant in Mayom Tottin town, was spotted carrying food items on a motorbike by Governor Aleu along the Gogrial road on Tuesday.

The act of the businesswoman mesmerized the governor who decided to stop her for a quick chat.

Governor Aleu appreciated Awien for her resilience and hardwork. He encouraged her to continue doing the impossible to prove that women are also capable of achieving more like their male counterparts.

The governor then handed over 100,000 South Sudanese Pounds to Awien to boost her business.

Awien appreciate the governor for acknowledging her efforts to feed her family.

She told Mayardit FM that she used part of the money given to her by the governor to buy celebratory refreshment for her friends.

“I bought 25 Sodas and distributed them to my friends and colleagues in the market. Some people asked me why I distributed sodas, and I told them the governor gave me money and I do not want to eat alone. Everybody in Mayom here knows that I am happy. I am very happy for the support governor gave me,” she exclaimed.