355 Turalei entrepreneurs get startup funds

Three hundred and fifty-five entrepreneurs in Turalei Payam, Twic County, have received financial support to set up small businesses.

The money came from the European Union through Near East Foundation – a local organization.

Prior to the disbursement, each and every beneficiary was asked to present a proposal for a business they would like to run.

“The money is non-refundable and any of the beneficiaries who do well in his or her business in the period of three months shall receive another support from us,” said Machar David Garang, representative of Near East Foundation.

Since South Sudan gained independence in 2011, the country has suffered from severe droughts and floods, in addition to the political violence.

These have resulted in high numbers of fatalities, displacements and loss of livestock which have severely impacted people’s livelihoods.

“It is resilience project aim at empowering the people as part to improve livelihoods of the society,” Garang explained, adding that the recipients of the funds should “carefully manage the small support given to secure more support in the nearest future”.

One of the people who received the assistance, Nyariak Gum, said she would make more money out of the 100,000 Pounds.

She said: “I will use this money for vegetable plantation and farming; and if I succeed, I will be doing large-scale farming.”

The financial support will soon be extended to the other payams of Twic County, according to Near East Foundation.