30 teachers demand unpaid wages in Lakes State

Thirty-one teachers who missed August salary are calling upon the government of Lakes state to process their payment.  The teachers were from six primary in Abuyung Payam, in Awerial County. They say payment was made in December, but their names were not in the pay sheet and no reason given on why their names haven’t been included.

James Mamer Achol is the Abuyung’s teachers representative. He said the government should take their case seriously to avoid any planned protest.

“We heard that the committee that was paying teachers’ salary was in Awerial, and we don’t know what happened to our money” said Mamer. He said they have not been paid but other teachers received their salaries.

In late last year, a committee was formed to investigate the issue of teachers and ensure every teacher get paid.

Education’s Director in Awerial County, Mr. William Agoth Awur, said the committee that was formed refuses to collect the data on the ground and asked all teachers to gather at the County headquarters but those who were missed out did not come to the county for verification and registration.

He urged the teachers who missed out to go to Rumbek, the state capital to claim their money there. “It is true our teachers in Abuyung have not been paid, and these teachers did not get a chance to come on time until the committee left the area. The committee wants the teachers to come in person to the state and get their salary,” he said

Some of the teacher’s missed salaries says they are on a scale 7 and 11, who receives around  7,500 SSP and four thousand, respectively, with new grade approved in July last year.