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3 cops detained after woman loses multiple pregnancy in Twic

3 cops detained after woman loses multiple pregnancy in Twic
rig.-Gen. Marko Mawien, police director in Twic County | Credit | Courtesy

Authorities in Twic County, Warrap State, are holding three police officers accused of police brutality in which an expectant mother lost pregnancy at five months.

The incident occurred at Maper Akuar Boma of Aweng Payam on Thursday last week when a police unity tried to break up a fighting in the village.

Instead, the youth there turned against the police officers who tried to arrest them. In the process, the police director in Twic County said a police officer manhandled Nyatet Mourter Mayiik, 23.

“She said she was trying to pick up her phone from the floor when the policeman held tightly in the stomach,” Brig.-Gen. Marko Mawien told Mayardit FM on Tuesday, adding that she was pregnant with twins.

As a result, Mawien said three policemen were arrested on Monday after the young woman’s husband filed a cpmplaint at the police station.

He identified the suspects as  Yohanis Mayiik, 33; Yai Aguek Deng, age 30; and Dhel Garang,  45. The police officer said the men will be arraigned soon.

According to police, this is the second time police in Twic County harmed a woman. In 2022, they beat to death an old woman in Marial Maper Boma, Aweng Payam.