24-month extended transitional period commences on Wednesday

The government of South Sudan is expected to announce the commencement of the 24-month extended transitional period of the roadmap, which officially begins on 22 February 2023 and ends on 22 February 2025

Initially, the country was supposed to go for elections this month, according to the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolutions of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

However, the peace government in August 2022 agreed to extend the agreement by 24 months to give parties time to complete the implementation of the remaining provisions.

A high-level standing committee responsible for the implementation of the peace deal met on Monday to discuss critical matters in relation to the transition from the transitional period to the extended transitional period of the R-ARCSS in the roadmap and resolved to announce the way forward on Tuesday.

“We have considered confusion and misunderstanding in various ways about what will happen on Wednesday and so we are going to hold a press conference tomorrow at 2:00 PM,” The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Dr. Elia Lomuro, told reporters after the meeting.

“…and the high-level standing committee will deliver a message on the matter of transition from the transitional period of R-ARCSS to the extended transitional period of the roadmap.”

The press conference is open to all South Sudanese, it will be attended by the members of the diplomatic corps, civil society, religious leaders, and Other Political Parties.