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23 suspected instigators of Tonj North violence arrested

23 suspected instigators of Tonj North violence arrested
Village destroyed by violence in Tonj North. Courtesy image

23 people have been arrested for allegedly inciting deadly violence in Tonj North County of Warrap state

The suspects are believed to be behind last month’s clashes between armed civilians and soldiers in Rual-bet Payam.

In June, at least 28 people were killed, including armed civilians, SSPDF Chief of Military Intelligence, Majors and Captains, 3 commanders, and the former Commissioner of Mayen Jur of the defunct Gogrial State in Rual-bet Payam. The fighting started during an operation to recover cattle raided in Kongoor.

The 23 suspected instigators were identified by local chiefs and arrested over the weekend.

According to the Acting Commissioner of Tonj North, the suspects are in police custody.

“If the governor makes an order to bring them to Kuajok, they can be brought…or if the order is to try them in a court in Tonj South – that will depend on his [governor] order,” Bak Ajuot told Mayardit FM.

He also disclosed that a committee from Juba has been sent to conduct further investigations and facilitate special tribunals.

Tonj North County Police Inspector, Brigadier Mabek Monytioc Deng confirm the arrest.

The conflict led to the closure of primary schools in Rual-bet, Mayen Kuel, Maluildit, Yar-Arol, Aduany, among others. Thousands of people were also displaced to the neighboring Tonj East County.