19 arrested for instigating violence in Gogrial West

Police in Gogrial West County have detained at least 19 people for allegedly instigating intercommunal violence in Warrap state.

The suspects were arrested on Monday for reportedly fueling last month’s fighting between Awan Yien and Awan Rup communities.

Officials say the clashes were over a contested piece of land.

Colonel Abdalla Deng Mou, Akon Payam Police Inspector told Mayardit FM that the suspects include four local chiefs and a woman.

“The investigation is going to be done in Akon and the investigator travelled to Gogrial and Kuajok towns to investigate the detainees in the police cell. The suspects will be sent back to Akon until the court trial commence,“ he disclosed.

Colonel Deng cautioned the communities in Akon to desist from violent acts.

Last month, fighting erupted between Awan Yien and Awan Rup communities over ownership of land where telecommunication network tower will be installed.