18 suspects arrested over killings in Tonj East & North Counties

18 people have been arrested over recent killings in Tonj East and Tonj North Counties of Warrap state.

At least 8 people have died in revenge-related killings in the two areas last week.

Authorities stated that four people were killed in Apuk village and four others in Kier village between June 16 and June 17.

They include two women and a child of 5 years.

Tonj East County Commissioner said the 18 individuals are suspects in the two incidents.

Deng Kok Chan told Mayardit FM that the suspects are currently being held by the Military Police.

“I struggled to arrest these people because I want to stop rampant killing of innocent persons and save lives being threatened,” he stated.

Commissioner Kok asked civilians still holding guns to hand them over to the authorities.

“If there are some people still hiding their guns, then the government is working to disarm them all. Nobody likes Tonj to returned to instability, leave revenge killings and join hands in peace as citizens of greater Tonj,” he appealed.

The Commissioner affirmed that the 18 suspects will be availed in court after investigations are done.

Last week, Warrap state governor suspended Tonj County Commissioner for reportedly failing to apprehend suspects behind rampant killings in his territory.

The suspension came after seven people were killed including a woman early this month.

Governor Aleu Ayieny Aleu had also suspended the Commissioner of Tonj South over the shooting of a police officer in May 2022.