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142 Youth arrested in Aweil Party fighting

142 Youth arrested in Aweil Party fighting
Captain Gout Guot Akol, Police Spokesperson for Northern Bahr el Ghazal state. Courtesy image

At least 142 youth have been arrested in Aweil, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State after the fighting erupted in a celebratory party on Tuesday leaving 9 people injured -3 police offices, 3 nurses and 3 members of the youth.

According to police, a group of youth that called themselves #All-Star consisting of 62 young girls and 80 boys organized a party in Makakdit Brothers Company (MBC) Hotel and later started fighting themselves in the hall. Three of them were injured and went rushed to the hospital, their members went to the hospital and attacked the nurses injuring three.

Captain Guot Guot Akol, police spokesperson said the young people ranging from ages  16 to 28 are being detained in police custody and undergoing investigation to establish the cause of the fight.

“We managed to arrest some niggas who organized a party at one of the hotels here in Aweil, during the party some youth who among the team started fighting themselves to the extend they used pagans to hurt themselves so we received a call and when our officers came they started fighting them and they went to the hospital and fought the nurses who were nursing their colleagues so when we saw like that we arrested 80 male and 62 Female,”

Guot said all the 142 will be arraign in court after the investigation. “I want to tell the community or the parents of these children arrested that we are taking them to court without compromised”

Eye witnesses in Aweil State hospital narrated off record to Akol Ayam FM how the youth members entered the hospital wards and started attacking the nurses who tried to stop from entering the team. The nurses sustained miner injuries from and the later recovered.

BMC hotel management also confirmed that all-star group rented the hall to conduct its party but did not want to talk about the whole program nor gave any other details.