14-Year girl disappears at river Nile dock site in Mingkaman, authority reported

Authorities in Awerial say a 14-year girl disappeared on Saturday after she went swimming with other friends at the dock site in Mingkaman.

Official says they have searched, but her body has not been located since Saturday afternoon.

Peter Chol Chinduut is the Executive Director of Awerial County in Lakes state. He said they suspected a crocodile might have attacked the little girl at the Nile River.

He said they had raised concerns about the danger of the Nile for young children, but nobody wanted to listen, stressed Chol.

“Now the water is rising, and animals that live in the water must come near where people live-the. Children need to be advised or otherwise. I already told the security personnel at the dock site to monitor and flog those children who normally swim at the river site,” said Chol

 He says some crocodiles and hippopotamus have become wild, and the dock site is becoming dangerous for children.

Chinduut urges Mingkaman residents, parents, and guidance to take good care of children and not allow them to go and swim at the river site.

“Children, you should be careful this time around…that site is no longer good for them, if you get there, you can find crocodile and Hippopotamus-they are getting wild, and children must learn from the current incident-community must also into this issue, there is no need to allow the children there,” he said.

He says keeping children safe is a collective effort and urges the community to join hands with security personnel to prevent similar incidents.

 Last month, a young man fell off the boat and drowned while crossing from Bor to Mingkaman, but his body wasn’t found after the search.