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13 inmates escape from Kuajok main prison

13 inmates escape from Kuajok main prison
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At least thirteen inmates escaped from Kuajok main prison in Warrap state over the weekend, police have said.

The Acting Director of Prisons in Warrap Jrassieno Garang Chol said the inmates broke out of prison on Saturday at midnight.

He the total number of prisoners were 278. Those who remained in the prison are 265.

Among the fugitives are those convicted of adultery, cattle theft, and impregnating little girls.

Garang said they have launched a manhunt for the escapees.

“We are now searching for them, and the community can help us also in reporting if they find any suspect,” he stated.

Garang encouraged the convicts to return to prison and serve their terms.

“When you escape from prison, your problem is double. So for those in prison, it is good for them to wait and respect the law.”

Garang Chol disclosed that this is the fourth time such incident of prison break has happened over the last 12 months.

He urged the government to improve prison structures to withstanding breakouts.