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13 goats killed by mutilation for roaming through farms in Yirol East

13 goats killed by mutilation for roaming through farms in Yirol East
FILE: Goats in Porongo Mixed Farm, Kajokeji County, South Sudan

Authorities in Yirol East County have mutilated and killed 13 goats for roaming around farming areas in Lakes State.

Each goat was slashed in half by the Crop Protection Committee as punishment for breaking local orders.

According to the Executive Director of Yirol East, the public was earlier informed that no animal should be allowed to loiter on people’s farms in all the six Payams of the County.

“The local government has implemented the then-signed bylaws and 13 goats were cut into half to show that nobody was above the law in the County,” James Dhuor Apiu said.

Mr. Dhuor added that the committee will continue to exercise its mandate as authorized by the County Commissioner.

He disclosed that three goats have also been killed in Pagarau, three in Titagau and seven goats in Nyang Centre in the beginning of June alone.

“There is no complaints raised by the goats owners, the blame on them – why do they violate the orders signed in April to allow effective farming to boost local food production?”

Animal owners have been told to graze their cattle, goats or sheep far from farming areas.

Thon Mabor is a farmer in Yirol East. He said the bylaw was accepted by the community members in order to improve farming.

“The community is aware about protecting both crops and animals…we accept the bylaws and they will continue like that in our area.”