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10 police officers arrested in connection to the death of a woman

10 police officers arrested in connection to the death of a woman

Authority in Twic county, Warrap state, say they have arrested ten police officers in connection with the death of an older woman at Marial Maper village on Sunday.


The officers have been alleged to have tortured the mother of a suspect linked to cattle theft. The officers were to execute an arrest warrant for the suspect alleged to be hiding out.


Brigadier Gen. Marko Mawien Madut is the County Police Inspector. He said the investigations are underway, and the suspects will be arraigned in court soon. He said police are supposed to bring the suspect to custody and not torture them.


“They will tell us, the woman is not guilty, she died for nothing, the government cannot send police to arrest and torture people that is not their work,” said Mawien.


One of the local women activists in Twic County, Ms. Achel Barac Atem, condemns the incident and appeals for justice to take its cause. She said police are supposed to arrest suspects and not involve the physical assault of the suspect.


“I cannot say that the woman refused to come to the police; even if she refused to come, she can’t be beaten to death; this is a violation of human rights,” said Ms. Barac.


Last week, a group of women called on the local authorities to punish the perpetrators of gender-based violence as the world commemorates 16 days of activism.